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ABO Valve s.r.o/ Czech Republic:



Company ABO Valve is a well known manufacturer of different types of industrial valves like butterfly, ball, check, knife gate, safety valves& etc for water & waste water projects, power plants, oil, gas & petrochemical plants and paper industries.

Company Partkeyhan is the exclusive representative of ABO in Iran. Among years of cooperation, we supplied different types of ABO products for projects such as Damavand, Par-e-Sar, Jahrom, Abadan, Isfahan power plants, etc.









After extensive technical consideration, we achieved Mapna vendor list approval on ABO products.





TECHAP GmbH/ Germany:

Company Techap is a professional manufacturer of chemical vapor absorbers and vacuum breakers. CO2 concentration included in air is hazardous for high purified (Demin) water and will damage its quality. To prevent such an un-wanted affect on the water, installation of CO2 absorbers on Demin and filling tanks required.   Also, Air humidity is the main corrosion cause of chemical storage tanks like H2SO4 & HCl. Techap moisture absorbers protect the tanks as a humidity remover.

Vacuum breaker is a kind of safety valve to protect absorbers and tanks.

Company Partkeyhan is the exclusive representative of Techap GmbH in Iran.

We provided such useful equipments and related accessories for different projects like Damavand, Solar Yazd, Jahrom, Abadan, Isfahan power plants & etc.

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